Thin Client Nplay HRTC-Y4

ARM A9 Based SOC, all solid-state design, no moving parts, no fans, Can connect to windows / linux OS server All types of USB Flash Drives support

Option for Local Browser, Video Player, Library Office, Voip Softphone, Skype, PDF Reader & other customizable Linux application as per your needs.


  • 90% on maintenance cost as compared to regular CPU due to SOC (system on chip)
  • 90% on power consumption cost due to 5V/2A adapter as compared to regular 400’w SMPS
  • 60% on cost as compared to regular computer CPU box price ,
  • Space Saving as it can be mounted behind any LED / LCD screen or on any Wall / Table Security | Data centralization | Easy administration and management | Increase productivity

NPLAY HRTC-Y4 for enterprise

  • Only 15.5*10.5*1.5CM mini size, it is very convenient to carry your work everywhere.
  • With RDP 7.1 protocol, HRTC-Y4 works well in MS office application and browsing, such as EXCEL, WORD, PPT. The operating speed is very fast and stable as host PC.
  • Enjoying 100% of PC’s experience at 1/3 the cost, HRTC-Y4 features low consumption <5W.

NPLAY HRTC-Y4 for education

  • Stable performance in the instant communication tools, such as Skype calling, MSN, Yahoo, TM etc, The microphone works well when connecting with server WIN7/8/2008/2012.
  • HRTC-Y4 works well in local streaming video when connecting with server.(all OS system in the host)
  • Multi-language selection (System user interface) : English, French, Japanese, Thai, Portuguese, Indonesia, Spanish, Chinese, etc.

NPLAY HRTC-Y4 Specification :

  • CPU framework ARM-A9
  • Processor Dual-core 1.5GHz
  • RAM 1G
  • Graphics Chips Graphics Card Type MALI400 1080P
  • OS Embedded linux kernel
  • Video VGA resolution: 800*600/1024*768/1366*768/1440*900/1280*1024 HDMI resolution: 1280*720/1920*1080(MAX)
  • USB port USB2.0*4
  • External port HD,VGA,USB*3,RJ45,Power supply port, Switch port
  • Video 1080P HD
  • Update Firmware Update
  • Protocol RDP 7.1
  • Video Hardware-accelerated video support for most media formats on stand-alone media player applications and browser-based video
  • Energy consumption 5W-7W
  • Power supply DC 5V/2A
  • Net Weight of Machine 0.3KG
  • Size of Machine 16.4×11.6×3.2CM

Accessories :

  • User manual, Adaptor, Remote control, Stand.