Our friendly staff at Nplay will discuss their needs with our customers in detail, making certain that they entirely understand their requirements. The goal is always to provide a thorough and well thought-out OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) service.

Other Service

We offer you a full range of services to make sure all your needs are met with satisfaction at all times.

The OEM process goes as follows:

  1. We receive your request for a product in details and offer you best suitable model with full details at best price
  2. We do the initial work and provide you with a sample.
  3. We’ll review it together and confirm the sample is what you are looking for: we will make a systematic comparison, analysis, verification and calibration of the finished samples. We not only want to meet your expectations, our aim is to exceed them.
  4. Once agreed and after receiving your order, our Production, Development and Supplier Chain Management Departments will coordinate the job-to-be-done and draw up a detailed delivery plan to ensure that you receive your products in good time.
    Items such as the product logo, gift box or software can all be personalized the way you would like.
  5. Finished product: The products will be packed and inspected before shipment as required.